A great opportunity to build vocabulary and add words in relation to space. There are lots of different games for children to try out, as well as other themes, such as magnetism, aliens, reception in space, vortex and star fields. Children can create their own space rocket before they leave, the play seems open ended, as there are so many different areas to explore. This app is part of bigger exploration packs from the Dr Panda range, including postman, airport and bus driver themes, great to explore according to you child's interests.

Other notable themes and features of the app include , , , .

Learning Area Milestones

Understanding Speaking

Understands longer, two part instructions
Can understand simple ‘why’ questions
Understands more complex questions
Understands use of objects i.e. ‘What do we drink with?’
Uses a variety of questions (‘what, where, who’)
Begins to explain ideas


Best Features

Loads of fun

Play together

Lots to do


Make it your own


About the app

Dr Panda Ltd

Supported Devices
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet

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