A very simple app that allows children to find pictures and patterns in the world around them to add to pictures. This can create a lot of language rich opportunities when describing surroundings and what to put in the picture. It will also encourage children to get up and see different patterns and colours around them. Pictures can then be saved and shared. There is an additional bonus of choosing alphabets and being able to trace them within the app, although this is a minor addition instead of a thought out learning tool.

Other notable themes and features of the app include , , , .

Learning Area Milestones

Understanding Speaking

Understands simple concepts (in/on, big/little)
Can understand simple ‘why’ questions
Begins to use descriptive language


Best Features

Loads of fun

Play together

Lots to do


Make it your own


About the app

Curious Hat

Supported Devices
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad

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