An open ended, no narrative app which allows children to explore at their own pace. There are lots of different scenarios for children to play with, with loads of opportunities for young children to discuss what is happening within the app and for parents to encourage then to talk about their own friendships. There are lots of other opportunities to build children's understanding of different concepts, like in/on and hygiene.

Other notable themes and features of the app include , , .

Learning Area Milestones

Understanding Listening and Attention Speaking

  • Joins in with some actions or vocalisations
  • Can recognise and point to objects and pictures
  • Understands simple short sentences & instructions
  • Selects familiar objects by name
  • Understands simple concepts (in/on, big/little)
  • Understands who/what/where questions – but not yet ‘why’ questions
  • Uses sounds in play
  • Begins to use descriptive language
  • Start to create their own stories
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Best Features

Loads of fun

Play together

Lots to do


Make it your own


About the app

Sago Sago

Supported Devices
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet

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