Finding diverse apps

Apps can provide good opportunities to support children with diverse needs and experiences.

We have worked with the Diversity in Apps team to ensure that the apps in this guide support children to see these experiences reflected in their play.

Diverse apps enable children and families to see a wide variety of characters that interact with and reflect the world around them.

A diverse app features:

  • stories and characters that represent the cultural diversity we see in our classrooms and communities, including differences in ethnicity, income, families, gender, class, mental and physical ability, and education levels;
  • characters that do not reinforce stereotypes;
  • accurate information about cultures, race, religion, language and traditions that offer children new ways to connect to our diverse and rich world;
  • innovative ways to help children learn to read in their home language and in other world languages

You can see the specific apps that we feel reinforce these features under the ‘My World‘ and ‘Multilingual’ tags.