The Human Body by Tinybop is a wonderful app to explore the human body with your child. Through simulators of the different systems of the body, children can interact and see the body functioning in real time. Feed the character and see the food being digested, understand the respiratory system and how it changes when we exercise, explore how images are processed in the eye, these are some of the activities this app provides. Some interactions might require more exploration and patience to be figured out, but this app invites children to learn through experience and observation, without imposing explanations. The format respects children's development and understanding, and the app can be revisited as they grow and are able to understand the processes represented at a deeper level. It is designed for a shared adult-child experience, as there is no actual explanation of what is happening. The only written text are labels of the different elements (organs, cells, etc.). These can be complex for preschoolers, but they can be turned off. A fantastic feature to develop children's speaking skills is that of recording your own naming or explanation of the scenes, which can be played at subsequent readings. The section for adults include a free handbook to guide the shared experience, including explanations of each section of the app and suggestions of questions for discussion.

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Learning Area Milestones

  • Able to focus for longer periods
  • Can understand sequencing ‘first/last/next’
  • Understands use of objects i.e. ‘what do we drink with?’
  • Can predict what will happen next
  • Begins to explain ideas
  • Able to use language to gain information and give and get ideas
  • Can begin to read words and simple sentences
  • Increased vocabulary and forms of speech which are influenced by books
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Best Features

Loads of fun

Play together

Lots to do


Make it your own


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Supported Devices
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet

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